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Very rarely am I so impressed with a young talent I’m compelled to create a web site for that talent, However, Chris Evans has more than impressed me, he has captivated me with his ability to charge fearlessly into any role he chooses, and with the honesty in which he conducts his life.

I first saw Chris in the Danny Boyle science fiction film SUNSHINE starring Cillian Murphy and Rose Byrne. I’m not sure I made the correlation between the actor who played the edgy Mace and the actor who two years earlier had played the wise-cracking, smart ass Johnny Storm aka “The Human Torch” in Tim Story’s big screen treatment of the Stan Lee comic book FANTASTIC FOUR. The next time I remember seeing Chris eas five years later when watching THE AVENGERS on pay television for the first time, I did not connect that same actor playing the stoic first Avenger, Steve Rogers/Captain America.

Actor Chris Evans as (from l to r) Mace from “Sunshine,” Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch in “Fantastic Four,” and as Steve Rogers/Captain America from “The Avengers.”

Some actors have the tendency to play the same kind of character throughout their careers, however, Evans is not content to do that. He will not be pigeon-holed as the same character type as some of the other big names in Hollywood. Choosing his roles carefully makes him certain he will not have to settle for what some actors before him have become in terms of the formulaic action/adventure mold and that is what makes him fascinating to watch. He is mutable as I found out from not even remembering until Googling him on the IMDB website discovering that he did in deed play Johnny Storm before taking on the icon role of Captain America. Evans was so worried about taking on such a mantle as Cap that he sought therapy in order to avoid that all too familiar trap of getting in over his head. That was refreshing to discover. Once deciding he could have it all both the fame of playing one of the most iconic characters in comic book history, Evans submerged himself into playing Steve Rogers’ heart and soul. He infused his Cap with all those qualities we are familiar with and more. Whether he’s playing the menacing Lucas Lee in SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD, the comic relief of Jake Jensen in THE LOSERS, the driven real-life lawyer Mike Weiss in PUNCTURE, or the coldness of Bryce in FIERCE PEOPLE and Mr. Freezy in THE ICEMAN, Evans shows his bravery at not allowing a character’s immorality stand in the way of his taking on a good, juicy role. This is what has made him so intriguing to watch. The way he effortlessly steps into each role has made me take notice and wish for more from him. Having said he wishes to take up directing with his first feature film 1:30 TRAIN, Evans is stepping into sacred shoes where other actors have bravely gone. I can hardly wait to see what new projects Chris will engage in. The anticipation of taking that journey with him is in itself a treat. To that I dedicate this website. To Chris Evans and his brilliance in crafting roles we otherwise wouldn’t expect he’d play given his obvious endowments. But then I believe a lot of Evans’ spirit has very much to do with the way he was raised. Both his mother, Lisa, and father, Gerard, as well as his siblings Carly, Shanna and Scott keep Chris grounded to the point he will never adopt one of those huge egos so notorious with bigger names. I fashion Evans as more Redford than Brando. We’ll never have to read of Evans’ ‘naughty’ behaviour because quite frankly, he isn’t one of those kinds of guys. That is refreshing in the business known as celebrity. Evans is a real artist, wanting to take his craft to another level. There is very little ego in this guy. Again a refreshing trait in an actor who refuses to take himself seriously, and I think it is that ability he has to laugh at himself that makes him so down-to-earth. Devoid of preciousness, Chris Evans makes whatever he does special and in turn, makes the viewing public special in his light. One just has to smile when they first see him on screen.

So good an actor is he that I’ve created a character in my first novel based on him. I hope to bring in most of Chris’ essence into the character. His heart, soul, magnanimous spirit and above all else, his enormous humanity. Can we all hope to achieve such a goal in this life? I’m not sure, but what separates Chris from his peers (with the exception of his AVENGERS co-stars) is we won’t see him in the tabloids for having done something stupid. This is not who Chris Evans is. It’s good to know too I don’t have to wash my eyes after watching him. He’s so gorgeous with that huge smile, those boyish dimples and his long eyelashes that he makes it easy for anyone to fall in love with him. Am I gushing? Good! This man has proven he’s part of the A-listers and then some. With the proven success of CAPTAIN AMERICA THE WINTER SOLDIER Chris doesn’t have to do anything more, but he’ll likely not be content to sit back and be complacent. Whatever Chris Evans does do whether it is to continue acting or concentrate solely on directing, Evans has carved out a body of work to be proud of. I know I’m proud of him and it is to that I’ve created this site. Please enjoy it.

Actor and Director Chris Evans

— Dianne B. Dee; 9 June 2014

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